November 2012 archive

Nov 30

Exercise; Juxtaposition

For this exercise I needed to take a photograph that could be used as a book cover and which illustrates juxtaposition. I started by thinking of as many book titles as I could and how I could use juxtaposition to illustrate it. I settled on A Christmas Carol and as the Christmas decorations were just …

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Nov 29

Context and Narrative

Learning Points from Basics Creative Photography 02; Context and Narrative, Maria Short, Ava Publishing, Lausanne, 2011. “Context can be described as the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement or idea. In photography the word context can relate to the contents of the photograph, its placement in relation to words or other images…” …

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Nov 28

Exercise; Symbols

The idea of this exercise is to find symbols for a number of concepts.   Growth Possible symbols: Plant growing, Measuring chart or ruler One of the photos I took for the elements of design course would perhaps be suitable as a symbol for growth The height chart used for measuring children could be used …

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Nov 27

Exercise; Evidence of action

This exercise required the production of one photograph in which it can be seen that something has happened. I gave a lot of thought to this and considered the suggestions in the handbook of photographing something that has been either broken or emptied. I didn’t stick strictly to these suggestions but thought back to one …

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Nov 04

Exercise; A narrative picture essay

This first exercise in Part 5 Narrative and Illustration required me to set myself an assignment and then photograph it. I chose to go to a Book Launch at our local bookstore where a local author that I know was holding a launch for his latest book of childrens poetry. I made two versions of …

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