Don McCullin – In England, Jonathon Cape, London, 2007

I’ve just borrowed this book from the Library. I love McCullin’s landscapes they have such an atmosphere with heavy skies and amazing lighting. The images can be seen at

He seems to bring all his war experience to the images – he says “The landscapes in my pictures are hard. They are like war scenes”. “Though I can’t escape the darkness, I see it in every landscape and it is inside me, and though I turn all these country scenes into battlefields, I am never happier than playing with the energy of light and water.”

He also indicates the application needed to achieve the images “Sometimes I wait for hours standing in the fields, for those skies.” He also goes on to say that even after standing for hours he doesn’t get the photograph he wants but still goes home happy, the proces itself being therapeutic.

This all contrasts with my approach (at the moment) of rush in, take the photo and go home to look at disappointing results on the screen. It seems that the easier the camera makes it to take a photo the harder it is to get a good one. I am going to have to learn to slow down.

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