Exercise Focal Length and Angle of View

I completed the first exercise a few days ago. Standing in the back garden I took photographs of the rear of a house. The first photo shows the view which closest resembles that of the naked eye from the same position. This was achieved with the zoom lens just below its’ 24mm setting.

When the print was made from this photo, and standing in the same postion that the photo was taken from, then the print had to be held at normal reading distance to give the same size in both the print and my view of the real scene.

With the lens at a wide angle setting the following scene was captured.

The lens was at 18mm. When holding the print  to compare with the real scene later, it had to be held almost at the tip of my nose to give the same view as of the real scene.

Finally I set the zoom lens to 55mm and took the same scene. this was the result –

When comparing the print to the real scene later, the print had to be held at arm’s length to give the same view as the real scene.

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