Exercise; Real and implied triangles

This exercise is split into two parts, one using ‘real’ triangles, the other making ‘implied’ triangles.

Real triangles

The first photo is of Norwich cathedral, the spire of which is an example of a triangular object.

The second photo is a triangle, created by perspective, converging towards the top of the frame.

This is a photo of the motorbikes used by the army display team – they were lined up in two rows ready for their riders to mount them to start the display.

The next requirement is for a triangle, formed by perspective, converging towards the bottom of the frame.

This third photo was taken by the river where I noticed the top of a mooring ladder forming an inverted shape. I waited for a swan to swim in between the two sides to form a focal point.

Implied triangles

The second requirement of the exercise is to create two images with implied triangles, one with the apex at the top of the frame, the second with the apex at the base of the frame.

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