Assignment 2 – Using Props – First Thoughts

How to create a series of photos that tells a story but that uses a white shirt or a handkerchief as a prop in each photo.

White Handkerchief
A series of photos illustrating the countryside and the freedoms and restrictions imposed on people wishing to use it.
For example the handkerchief could be used spread out over signs that are restricting access to the countryside, e.g., No Admittance or Private Property signs.
The handkerchief could be knotted (traditional sign of remembering) and placed in landscapes where access is unrestricted – as a symbol to remember and cherish the freedoms.



White shirt
Would it be possible to look at the nature of prejudice or interconnected world using the prop of a white tee shirt?

  • White tee shirt and black tee shirt
    White tee shirt and globe
    White tee shirt and mixture of foods from different cultures
    White tee shirt worn by people of different cultures


I didn’t choose any of these topics in the end, but the last one, tee shirts on people of different cultures led indirectly to the approach that I did settle on.

What did I learn from this exercise?
I found this incredibly difficult to come up with ideas for, much harder than portraying the unphotographable. I could think of many themes to explorer, but couldn’t work out how to include the prop in each of the shots.
Nevertheless I persevered and ironically it was from this part of the exercise that the inspiration came for the approach I adopted for the assignment.