Realist and Pictorial Landscape

Reading various books on landscape, in particular Liz Wells’ Land Matters has brought home to me just how much my views of landscape were formed from the pictorial condition. In fact it has been quite a revelation discovering work in the realist tradition – it wasn’t that I hadn’t been aware of or seen such work before, I had but I had never classed it as landscape because it didn’t fit my pictorial mindset.

It has made me think again about my photography and what images will be classified as landscape. This will have quite a consequence for my final assignment, Transitions, I would still very much like to try the collage project, but I think that I will change my back-up plan. Instead of looking at traditional, pictorial views, as I have been doing, I have decided to take views of my back garden as a way of conveying the change in the seasons. Fortunately I have quite a large garden so there is plenty of scope for creating suitable images.

Wells, L. (2011) Land matters: Landscape photography, culture and identity. London: I B Tauris & Co Ltd.