Exercise 5.5: Create a slideshow

I watched a number of slideshows and noted how varied they could be.

For example:

New York Times 1 in 8 million – a black and white slide show (in fact 54 slide shows) each telling the story of one of the 8 million residents of the area. The people, and their stories are very varied, from the art restorer, to the boat dweller to the wedding wardrober. In each case the slides are accompanied by the subject talking about themselves and their passion. It is a very effective and informative format for the series. http://archive.nytimes.com/www.nytimes.com/packages/html/nyregion/1-in-8-million/index.html?8qa#
Women guerrillas of the PJAK by Maryam Ashrafi. A series of 39 colour slides describing the daily live of the women fighters of the Kurdish PJAK group. There is no sound (either voice or music) to the slideshow. Given the subject matter I think that perhaps any form of music would have been an intrusion. The images are left to speak for themselves which they do quite eloquently. http://maryamashrafi.com/gallery/women-guerrillas-of-the-pjak/
Crossing Macedonia – Europe’s Refugee crisis by Kostis Ntantami – a slideshow from 2015 cataloguing the journey of the thousands of refugees that crossed the border between Macedonia and Greece each day. 26 colour images showing the journey of the refugees with a musical background that seemed appropriate in terms of the subject matter and the geographical area the photographs were taken. http://www.foto8.com/live/crossing-macedonian-europes-refugee-crisis-kostis-ntantamis/ 

Each of the slideshows were very different in how they presented their work,for example the slides faded from one to the next in 1 in 8 million and Crossing Macedonia whereas in Women Guerrillas they transitioned vertically. The NYT show was the only one that did not include a ‘full screen’ option for the images. The other two did offer this option, Crossing Macedonia giving a black background to unfilled parts of the screen, whereas a white background was chosen for Women Guerrillas.

The exercise brought home to me how much needs to be considered in order to make a successful online slideshow.


I also put together a short slideshow of my own images for Assignment 5. Again these were preliminary images before I had completed the selection and processing of the final images.

I thought that a simple music soundtrack would work with the show and found what I thought was an appropriate one on Free Music Archive.

I think that the format worked better than the photobook in that I was able to put short text explanations into the slide to add to the context of the images. However thinking it through having completed the slideshow, I realised that I could have perhaps made a better version of the book by revisiting the design and including more text. However this would have meant that a number of pages would have been used for just a small amount of text and probably isn’t the most cost-effective use of a photobook.

My slideshow can be seen here

A revised version of the slideshow using the final selected images for Assignment 5 can be seen here