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Annotate a Renaissance image

See copy Annotation St Jerome by Albrecht Durer No photo The photograph has been removed for copyright purposes, the painting can be seen here; http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Albrecht_D%C3%BCrer_012.jpg

Linear Perspective

Chilvers (CHILVERS 2012) describes perspective as “Method of giving a sense of depth on a flat or shallow surface, utilising such optical phenomena as the apparent convergence of parallel lines and diminution in size of objects as they recede from the spectator.” Lucie-Smith (LUCIE-SMITH 2012) defines perspective as “The method of representing a three dimensional …

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Visit a Gothic Church

Copy of report on visit to a Gothic church

Annotate a Gothic Image

See annotation of St Matthew miniature from the Lindisfarne Gospels The photo has been removed from the annotation for copyright purposes, a copy of the image can be found here; http://www.bl.uk/onlinegallery/ttp/lindisfarne/accessible/images/page7full.jpg  

Exercise: Humanism

The following research paper has been published on humanism by Dr Liana Cheney at University of Massachusetts Lowell http://faculty.uml.edu/CulturalStudies/Italian_Renaissance/8_9.htm