Annotate an abstract work

For this exercise I chose to annotate a painting by Mark Rothko.

I found this a really difficult exercise. Up to now the paintings I have annotated have been a representation of something and comment can be made on how well this has been undertaken, how realistic it is, the lighting and the choice of subject.

For the first time I was trying to annotate something that had no title (or none that gave any clue as to the meaning of the painting), was not trying to represent anything tangible buy was instead conveying a message of emotions.

I was at a disadvantage from the start, I think to annotate a Rothko painting then you need to experience the original at first hand. I had booked a trip to London to do just that at the Tate Modern. However due to family illness the trip was cancelled and I had to use a photograph from a book. This is, I think, hard enough with representational paintings. With abstract expressionism it made a difficult task near impossible.

I will make the trip to the Tate Modern when I next have the opportunity. It will be interesting to see if my views on annotating a Rothko painting change as a result!

The annotation is here Rothko – No Photo


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