Annotate a still life painting by Cezanne or Van Gogh

I chose to annotate a still life by Paul Cezanne for this exercise.

Here is a copy of the annotation, with the photos removed for copyright purposes

Still Life with Fruit Basket by Paul Cezanne – No Photo

I have always liked Cezanne’s paintings, but until starting this course I haven’t really studied them in great detail – I’ve simply looked at them.

I was something of a revelation to study this painting in more detail and to research it. I learnt how Cezanne used multiple perspectives in one picture and that no matter how random the composition of his still lifes looked, they were meticulously arranged.

I think that I am starting to look at paintings in a lot more depth now.

One of the difficulties I had with this annotation is that I could not see the original – this is a drawback. Certain of the exercises require annotation of a particular style of work and sometimes it simply isn’t possible to see the original, such as with this Cezanne still life. I am getting better at annotations from photographs of paintings, but I still like to see an original whenever possible.

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