Annotation: Cubist Still Life

My final annotation for this part of the course is by Pablo Picasso, Violin and Grapes.

In the past I had always been a bit confused with cubist paintings. Now, having read more about the movement, I am starting to appreciate what people like Braque and Picasso were trying to achieve. It is interesting to reflect on how to represent a three dimensional scene in two dimensions. The introduction of linear perspective into paintings was an attempt to overcome this issue. The cubists adopted a radically different approach, abandoning the idea of perspective and breaking apart a scene and reassembling it on the canvas.

I can appreciate the earlier forms of cubism as practiced by Braque and Picasso, but personally I’m not too taken with later developments as practiced by others such as Delaunay.

Attached is my annotation of Violin and Grapes, as always photos were removed because of copyright restrictions.

Violin and Grapes by Pablo Picasso

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