Exercise: make a copy of a painting

The final part of this module of the course is to make a copy of a painting. I chose to copy a still life of flowers by Christopher Wood. The original painting can be seen at


Having not lifted a paintbrush since I left school more than 40 years ago (and not being particularly good then) I was really worried about doing this exercise and seriously considered doing the analysis option instead. However I did want to try to make the copy and then hit on the idea of using the ArtRage painting programme that I obtained when I bought my graphics tablet. I bought the tablet for Photoshop work and had only really had a quick look at the ArtRage programme that came with it. I was so pleased that I tried this out, copying the shapes of the flowers was relatively easy, but matching the tones, shades and colours was very difficult. It was well worth it though as I learned a lot more about the painting than if I had simply just studied it. I also tried to create a photographic copy of the painting, this didn’t really work out (my version of it wasn’t very good) but I learnt from from the process of having at least tried to do it. I’m so glad I didn’t opt out of this and do the analysis option instead!

This is my copy of the painting together with my photographic version.

m_Wood copy jpg m_wood flowers

Attached are my comments and learning points from the process.

Flowers No Photo

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