Exercise: Looking at cartoons

This was quite an interesting exercise that took me in  a direction I hadn’t anticipated at the beginning – starting with Steve Bell and ending with Roy Lichtenstein.

I began by assembling the cartoons outlined in the course guide, including several by Steve Bell, and started the exercise. As I was in London one day I decided to go to the Cartoon Museum in Bloomsbury. This was a really useful trip, as well as seeing original cartoons from the 18th century by James Gillray, I also saw works by David Law (including one of Churchill with his cigar ‘tab of identity’) as described in the course book. I also saw a couple of profiles drawn by Nicola Jennings which helped me to appreciate what these small cartoons are.

Finally in one of the exhibition rooms was a cartoon by Dave Gibbons which, from a distance, I thought might have been a Lichtenstein painting. It was a cartoonists take on a painter making lots of money practising in a style used by cartoonists and was entitled “I presses the irony control …. and around me …. half tone dots filled the sky”, it was a response to Liechtenstein’s ‘Whaam’.

So there it is – Steve Bell to Roy Lichtenstein via Bloomsbury.

This exercise has made me appreciate the cartoonist’s art a bit more than I had previously.

The exercise is here, the original cartoons have been removed for copyright reasons. Exercise Looking at Cartoons No Pics

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