Analyse a Formal Portrait

To select a painting for this exercise I visited the National Portrait Gallery. I had already researched a number of options as part of the previous exercise.

I chose the portrait of Sir John Tavener to analyse as it immediately struck me when I saw it in the gallery. Therte seemed so many points to write about in the painting, whether it be the style of the artist, which is very distinctive, or details of how it was painted.

What I think that I like most about this painting is the way in which it seems to have frozen a moment in time. Not only is it a good likeness of the subject, doing what he is famous for (composing) but the artist has captured a moment where Tavener seems to be seeking inspiration and committed it to canvas.

There is a lot I could learn from studying portraits such as this to take into my photography portrait efforts.

Poignantly, on the evening that I returned home from my visit to the National Portrait Gallery I learned that Sir John Tavener had died that day.

The analysis can be found here:Tavener portrait no pics

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