Annotate a self-portrait

When visiting the “Masterpieces: Art and East Anglia” exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts I saw a painting by Maggie Hambling called ‘Drawing the Sea – Self-Portrait’.

I thought that it would be an ideal subject for this exercise. It is certainly very different from many self-portraits that I could have chosen. I’m really pleased that I selected it as I got a lot out of studying this painting:

  • the way she has painted the waves with thick paint and strong brushstrokes
  • how she has painted the sea and incorporated colour into what seems like a grey swirling mass
  • how she has portrayed herself as part of the sea

I learned a lot from this exercise, not just from her technical skills but also from her concept of how to portray the sea as her obsession, almost enveloping her.

The annotation can be seen here: Drawing the Sea No Pics

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