Research: Accuracy of representation of the human figure

Is there any tension between art based on the classical ideal and art pursuing anatomical accuracy?

Some thoughts:

  • Art based on the classical ideal is based not just on individuals or anatomical renditions but also on the proportions and balances between them.
  • portrayals can be anatomically accurate but are they as aesthetically pleasing as those described above.
  • which is more important and aesthetically pleasing portrayal or an anatomically accurate on? Arguments can be made from both sides.
  • portrayal of the ideal can lead to suggestions that there is an ultimate beauty or form for all to look like or aspire to
  • anatomical accuracy can be representative of all types of body, accurately represented – does this avoid putting a certain type of beauty on a pedestal?
  • if you strive fro accuracy, there cannot be exaggerations for effect, noone would describe the sculptures of Giacometti as anatomically accurate


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