King Amenhotep III

I had a trip to the British Museum to find different works of art to collect and comment on for this course. I was really please dthat I did as you can get so much more from seeing the “real thing” rather than commenting on a postcard aor images from the web.

For this particular statue it was the scale of it that struck me, comething that you just could not get from a photo.

These are now classified as works of art, but reading up about when they were produced it would seem that there original purpose was not as artworks. Baines and Malek (1980 p56) state “Very few Egyptian works were produced as ‘art for art’s sake’. TYhey all had a function, either as everyday objects or, more commonly among those preserved, in a religious or funerary context.

These are my comments on King Amenhotep III

BAINES, J & MALEK, J. (1980) Atlas of Ancient Egypt. Oxford: Phaidon