The Woman from Willendorf

This was the first annotation I have done for some time as it is well over a year since my last Understanding Art course. I think I may have got a little rusty in the meantime and need to get back into the mindset needed for it.

I found it quite difficult to do this annotation – perhaps it was the nature of the work of art being considered (I found lots to talk about in a Titian painting!) I guess I need to work a bit more on this aspect.

What I did find interesting about this piece was the different approaches taken by two different commentators. The figure in Honour and Fleming and in the OCA course book is called ‘The Woman from Willendorf’ but other commentators have called it the’Venus of Willendorf’. This gives different connotations to the piece depending on which title is used, In the annotation I quote one person who thinks it should be ‘Venus’ because of its beauty; and another commentator who thinks that labelling it ‘venus’ rather than ‘Woman’ says rather more about the Art Historian doing the labelling than about the piece itself.

Annotation The Woman from Willendorf