Feedback on Assignment 1

I was quite pleased overall with the feedback I received for my first assignment. Obviously there were comments on areas where I could improve, but that is the whole purpose of taking a course like this – how to learn and improve, I was a little worried when I first submitted the assignment as I wasn’t sure how good it was. It had been some time since I last did a History of Art module so I was a little nervous waiting for the comments from my tutor. When those comments came, however, they were very constructive and encouraging. I now feel that I have the base from which to develop as the course progresses.

The main areas for development are:
• I need to develop a formal academic style of writing with more substantial written sections to my work
• my annotations show solid visual skills but are a little too cursory, I need to say more about the images and their background
• I should incorporate sections of reflection upon the learning experience in my Learning l\og
• I have to refine the details of my research project.

Reading the feedback left me feeling pleased with the general comments and keen to improve on those areas highlighted.