Project 3 – Critical Review

Analysing the three strands of criticism; description, interpretation and judgement, sounds simple but I actually found it quite challenging. For example, at just what point does interpretation turn into judgement? There are the three strands, but the edges between them can be blurred.

Doing this exercise made me read the passage in a different way to how I would normally read the book. I had to read the Section several times and then went through the text and highlighted those parts that I thought fell into one of the three sections. I considered the Section as a whole and added comments of how I thought it all fitted together. Obviously this took a lot longer than would be the case with a normal reading.

It was a challenging and worthwhile exercise making me read the passage in a very different way to normal.

My review can be found here: Project 3 Critical Review


Following comments from my tutor I have amended this exercise slightly. The amended version can be seen here:

Project 3 Critical reading of a text