The Raising of Jairus’ Daughter by Henry Thomson

As part of my research to complete the coursework on Narrative Paintings I visited Tate Britain where I came across this painting by Henry Thomson – an artist I had not come across before.

My notes on the painting can be found here Thomson Jairus

What I found interesting about this particular exercise was researching the versions other painters have produced of the same story. It is probably not that popular a subject, compared to other biblical stories, but I did find a variety of approaches. The William Blake version was totally different to this one by Thomson. It seems much sparser with fewer characters and little detail in the background. The pose and gestures of the characters are, however, full of passion, you can almost feel the healing power passing from Jesus to Jairus’ daughter. You can see Blake’s version here Christ Raising Jairus’ Daughter

That is what I am finding fascinating about the course, choosing a paimnting to write about, but finding out so much about other works of art as part of the research.