Vision of Medea by JMW Turner

I went to Tate Britain to research the narrative paintings exercise. I came across this interpretation of the story of Medea by JMW Turner.

My notes can be found here: Vision of Medea by JMW Turner

I found it interesting how Turner had included more than one scene from the story in the same painting – in the main scene Medea is shown casting her spell, but in the background she is driving her chariot across the sky, casting her dead children to the ground. This was something I had seen done by other atrists, but it was the first time I had seen it used by Turner.

I also learned from this exercise the possible influences on Turner, it wasn’t necessarily just the ancient Greek myth, but possibly an opera of the story that was playing at the time Turner was contemplating his painting.

This exercise is a good illustration oh how I am coming across a much wider selection of art works. Whenever possible I try to annotate or carry out the research exercises on works of art that I can visit and examine. In this case I visited Tate Britain looking for works that could be used in this exercise. I did not know this work by Turner existed before going to the gallery, so the exercise has helped to broaden my knowledge of works of art.