Annotation: A work to which you find yourself unsympathetic

John Davies – Bucket Man


Before starting this exercise I had seen “Bucket Man” on several visits to the Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts and had never really been attracted to it – so it seemed an ideal subject for this part of the course. I must admit that, through not being greatly attracted to it, I had not really devoted any time to studying it, preferring instead to look at other “more attractive” work.

Bucket Man

Each month the Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts has a volunteer guide who talks about a particular exhibit from the collection and related pieces of work. I was very fortunate in that April’s talk was about John Davies in general and Bucket Man in particular. This gave me much greater insight into the work than I would otherwise have been able to get.


I chose this work as one that I was unsympathetic to originally. I must admit that, as I studied it more, I warmed to it. I still wouldn’t regard it as a favourite, but this exercise has shown to me how my view of the work can change through more detailed study. It has taught me not to quickly dismiss a work of art!


My annotation can be found here: John Davies Bucket Man