Venice; the Grand Canal from the Palazzo Foscari to the Carita by Canaletto


There is a room in the Wallace Collection containing a number of paintings by Canaletto. As well as this scene, there is another painting, on the opposite wall, which is also a scene of the Grand Canal, but looking in the opposite direction. It is interesting to study a painting when it is surrounded by others produced by the same artist. This is particularly true of someone like Canaletto who produced so many scenes of Venetian landscapes. It means that you can compare how particular techniques were used in different paintings and to what effect.

 This is probably the first time I had studied Canaletto in any detail. I certainly admired his rendering of the scene-the buildings and vessels on the water were all painted in considerable detail. I did though, find his work rather static and geometric – even the waves on the water seem to go in straight lines!

My notes are here: Canaletto the Grand Canal