Reflections on Part 5

I enjoyed this part of course a great deal. The scope of the work I have covered – Palaeolithic cave paintings to contemporary Canadian photography – is remarkable

I’m really building now on my previous knowledge. I mentioned in my essay on Jeff Wall’s photograph I had studied his work on a previous OCA photography course. The insight this course is giving me on artistic influences is really expanding my ability to “read” images.

I’m trying to read more widely in my research for the exercises (difficult for bucket man by John Davies as there was very little literature on his work) and I do think that my critical skills are developing as the course progresses. I believe that I’m now starting to put much more of my own views into the work rather than simply researching and quoting the works of others. I think that this is illustrated by me annotation on the Rock Painting, before taking this course I doubt that I would have seen much merit in it, but now I can analyse the image better and I am carrying out wider research into the subject.

This is, perhaps, due to the fact that I now have more confidence in the validity of my own views.