Tutor Feedback on Part 6

I received feedback from my tutor on the last Assignment (No 5) in which there were, as always, many good points. One of the interesting questions she poses is how the relationship between my critical and creative thinking skills has progressed during the course (in terms of exploring new ideas). This is something I will give a lot more thought to once my Critical Review is out of the way..

I also need to show my critical and evaluative skills and have I reflected on and mapped my learning in a sustained way. Again this is something I need to look at in more detail and I will use the time once the critical review is completed to assess this and add to my Learning Log

A final question is have I become more confident in using art history specific vocabulary. I believe that, through my reading of the recommended course books, my knowledge of art history vocabulary is much wider than it was at the start of the course. I am sure that if you look through the annotations and exercises it should be clear that my use of language is much wider as the course has progressed. I have tried to visit as many exhibitions as I can over th period of the course and I have also learnt a lot from reading the catalogues and critical reviews of those exhibitions. One thing that has changed over the period of the course is that, at the start, I would often search out and read critical reviews before visiting an exhibition to see what others have said about it to help form my own opinion. Now I am much more likely to read such reviews after seeing the exhibition and consider whether or not they concur with the views I formed from having seeing it.

I also received some extremely useful feedback on the early draft of my Critical Review. Bearing this in mind I have changed the title (but not the subject) of the essay and will remove a lot of the introductory material which contained a lot of words but didn’t really contribute much to the main theme. I have also decided on a new structure for the essay given the comments made on the order of my analyses of the Burne-Jones and Rossetti paintings. I think that this will make the essay much sharper and provide a clearer structure in answering the central question.