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Francis Bacon and Walt Disney

This was the title of a chapter in John Berger’s book “About Looking”. I saw the Bacon exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts some months ago and when I saw the title of this chapter  I had to read it again to make sure I had read it properly! In fact Berger’s point …

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A Very Fine Line

This was a discussion in The Guardian between David Hockney and the art critic Martin Gayford about what turns a picture into a masterpiece. It was an interesting article and one quote from David Hockney struck me. In a discussion on landscapes in general and Monet’s Sunset on the Seine in Winter in particular, …

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What is art?

I had struggled somewhat with this question, most recently in my review of the course. I found it difficult to imagine how something, that was not created as a work of art, could be considered as such. This was particularly brought to mind when I visited the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts to look at …

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John Berger: About Looking

In his book “About Looking” John Berger writes “No artist’s work is reducible to the independent truth; like the artist’s life – or yours or mine – the life’s work constitutes its own valid or worthless truth. Explanations, analyses, interpretation, are no more than frames or lenses to help the spectator focus his attention more …

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Painting and experience in fifteenth century Italy

Michael Baxandall, Painting and experience in fifteenth century Italy I found this a fascinating read, until I came across this book I had no idea how some of the greatest paintings of the fifteenth century were produced. I guess I just thought that the individual artist would decide what he (almost invariably a he) wanted …

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