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Jar and Cover by Richard Slee

I had not come across Richard Slee’s work before, so it was interesting to study this piece in more detail. It attracted my attention in the museum display case – probably due to its size, shape and colour. But I can’t say that I find it an attractive work, for me it is to “bitty” …

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Penthesilea by Andre Bouraine

As well as learning more about sculpture in an art deco style I also found out what a maquette was. I had not come across the term before so it was good to discover that, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary it is: “usually small preliminary model (as of a sculpture or a building)” Penthesilea by …

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Barbara Hepworth – Forms in Movement (Pavan)

This is a bronze sculpture exhibited at the Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery. From the exercise I learnt more about how such casts of sculptures are made. I also found it very interesting to read more detail of how the sculpture reflects movement in the dance. When I first saw the sculpture I was …

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Statue of Thalia Muse of Comedy

  © Trustees of the British Museum. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).   Through looking up the museum notes on this statue I learned what a chiton, an himation and a pedum were – I had not come across the terms before. The chiton and himation were types of costume, the chiton was a gown[1] whereas …

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Canosan Funerary Vase

  I learnt quite a bit from this exercise. Firstly I had not heard of Canosan pottery before and had to research its origin. I learned about the area of Italy that it comes from and the Gallery notes talked of the ancient practice of using the pottery to “furnish the spacious subterranean rock-cut tombs of the …

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