March 30, 2011 archive

Exercise; Cropping

The purpose of this exercise was to take three photographs and then crop them. When looking at the first of these photos the balance didn’t look right, there were far too many roofs in the foreground. After cropping I think the photograph works much better showing the sweep of the bay. The elongated rectangular format …

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Exercise; Vertical and horizontal frames

I sought out various objects in and around the garden for this exercise. The first 20 shots were all taken in the vertical  format. I then looked at each image and photgraphed all 20 again, but this time in the horizontal format. Some examples are shown below, but all of the photos taken for this …

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Exercise; Positioning the horizon

The photographs for this exercise were taken in late afternoon on a winters day. I took some photos when I first arrived at the scene but later the lights were switched on to illuminate the building. This made it look a much more interesting view. In order to be able to capture the scene I …

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Exercise; Balance

Work in progress

Exercise; Focal lengths and different viewpoints

The requirements for this exercise were to change the focal length of the lens used, but also to change position so that the image remains a similar size. Starting with my 55-200mmzoom lens at 98mm (147mm equivalent) this was the farthest away I could get from the subject and still be able to walk towards …

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Exercise; Focal lengths

For this exercise I needed to take a series of shots illustrating the effects of different focal lengths from the same viewpoint. These photographs were taken in the Lake District with a Panasonic FZ7 camera (36-432mm equivalent zoom). In order the focal lengths used (from left to right) are; 6mm (36mm equivalent) 17mm (102mm equivalent) …

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Exercise; A sequence of composition

For this exercise I went to Covent Garden in London as I thought there would be plenty of opportunities. One problem though was that there was very little light, especially in the covered parts as it was a very grey, wintry day. I wandered around the area and had a few false starts in trying …

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Exercise; Object in different positions in the frame

In this exercise I tookfive photographs where the main image was in different parts of the frame. I completed this exercise while at the local zoo. I took five different photos as follows Subject in the centre of the frame Subject a little way off centre Subject in the bottom right corner Subject in top …

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Exercise: Fitting the Frame to the Subject

This exercise required four photos with the frame fitting the subject. I decided to try the exercise out at the local zoo and chose a, relatively, stationary subject  – a vulture. Although it was tethered and could not move out of the frame it did move on its perch and its feathers were ruffled by …

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