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Fay Godwin – Flooded Tree Derwentwater 1981

I really like Fay Godwin’s photographs. It was a great pleasure to visit the Land Revisited Exhibition earlier this year. I think this image – Flooded Tree Derwentwater (can be seen here – you may need to scroll across to get to this particular image) – is probably my favourite of all her work. To …

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Colour by Michael Freeman

These are my learning points from the book Colour by Michael Freeman (Ilex, Lewes, 2005).   Hue – what most people refer to as colour, they usually mean hue.   RYB – ‘Painter’s primaries’ RGB – ‘Transmitted primaries’ suggests 6 primaries and secondaries – red, yellow, blue, green, violet, orange plus black, white and grey. …

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In his book The Photograph (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1997) Graham Clarke says “Indeed , the word photograph means light-writing” Hence the title of this Learning Log (and Photo Gallery).

Photo Gallery

The photographs in this Learning Log are low resolution so that each page will load quickly. Higher resolution versions of all the photos in this Learning Log can be viewed in a separate Photo Gallery, also called Light-writing. To visit the gallery click the link in the top menu bar.