April 3, 2012 archive

Wildlife Photographer of the Year – Natural History Museum

I visited this exhibition, as I have done for several years now. I like many of the images produced, but often it is not the action shots but those in the ‘Plants and Fungi’ category that I find most appealing. However I found this year’s winning photo absolutely stunning. ‘Still Life in Oil’ by Daniel …

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Zarina Bhimji–Whitechapel Gallery

I joined the OCA study visit to this exhibition. Zarina Bhimji is best known for her film work – her first ‘Out of Blue’ was shot in colour on 16mm film stock and was showing at the gallery. Also showing was her latest film ‘Yellow Patch’. I sat through both films (probably the first time …

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Mary Webb – Journeys in Colour

I visited this exhibition of works by the artist Mary Webb when it was on at the Sainsbury Centre. Journeys in Colour. Her work is described in the catalogue as “abstract and striking, the designs composed of squares and rectangles using a bold palette of colours. Colour is evenly applied within each section and the …

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