July 4, 2012 archive

Light; Science and Magic

  Light; Science and Magic, Hunter F, Biver S and Fuqua P, Elsevier, Oxford, 2007. A few learning points after reading this set text. The Principles The effective size of the light source is the single most important decision in lighting a photograph. It determines what types of shadows are produced and may affect the …

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Creative Black & White – Harold Davis

Wiley Publishing, Indianapolis, 2010 I borrowed this book from the local library, just a couple of learning points from it;   High key images – look for subject that is well lit and quite bright in tonal values. Set up flower in glass vase on white seamless background lit using a single light source. Intentionally …

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Art Photography Now – Susan Bright

Thames & Hudson, London, 2011 General – great book, divided into 8 sections with examples in each Portrait Landscape Narrative Object Fashion Document City Transitions These are the main quotes / learning points I took from the book. Baudelaire ” we must see that photography is again confined to its real task, which consists in …

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