Exercise; Control the strength of a colour

For this exercise I had to find a strong, definite colour – I chose a red circular board on a level crossing – and use a viewpoint so that the colour filled the viewfinder. The exercise then required one shot at the average exposure setting and then further shots half a stop and a full stop brighter and darker. In fact my camera allowed exposure settings at one third stop intervals so the following photos show exposure at +1, +2/3, +1/3, 0, -1/3, -2/3, -1.



Apart from the photos varying from under to over exposure the strength and depth of the colours vary, the more underexposed colours seeming richer and deeper whereas the more overexposed colours are lighter and weaker.

What have I learned from this exercise? Prior to undertaking this exercise and laying out the results I just had not appreciated the difference that exposure could make to the vibrancy of a colour.

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