Exercise; Positioning a point

This was an exercise experimenting with the positioning of a single point in the frame.

In the following photograph I positioned the thistle flower to the left of and below centre.

 The eye is drawn naturally to the flower. Positioning it where I chose to I think ‘anchors’ the flower in the frame, making it seem more solid. The three flower buds and the shape of the thistle leaves each form inplied triangles with the flower itself at the centre of the base line, so positioning it below the centre line of the frame made it seem more natural.

 In the next picture the main point is postioned above the centre line right at the top margin of the frame. I think that it works in this instance as the flower itself seems ‘lighter’ than in the previous picture and floats to the top of the frame.

 In this instance perhaps the flower is a bit too large in the frame to be considered a single point and on another occasion I might try to reduce the size of the flower in the overall frame.

The  final image is also placed above and to the left of centre.  I think that this works well because of the lines in the photograph that lead the eye in to the image of the flower – the stalk and the cracks in the rocks that lead to the flower – it was these that drew myattention to the image in the first place.

 As a single point image I think that this works better than the second image, because the single point in the image is smaller and the eye is drawn to it.

What have I learned from this exercise?  I think the main learning point is that I am now stopping to think of the best composition for an image rather than photographing an image as soon as I see it in whatever seems to be the ‘natural’ way to do it. I am now starting to think a lot more before taking the photo.

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