Exercise; The relationship between points

This exercise involved finding situations where there were two points in the frame and then examining the relationship between them.

In this first instance I was attracted to the image by the unusual nature of the subject – they were two mirrors on a road at the end  of someone’s drive, allowing them to see traffic coming from either side.

In this image the two points are facing away from each other. The image of the road in each mirror forms a V shape and there is a diagonal line joining the two ponts in the image that runs from the bottom right of the frame towards the top left. Initially one’s attention is drawn to the left hand mirror (even though it is smaller) as the image in it is stronger, then one looks at the right hand mirror and eventually to the figure in the image.

 The second image is a lot more conventional. Here the eye is drawn initially to the first swan and then, almost immediately to the second. There is a diagonal line joining the two swans running from the top right of the frame to the bottom left and which reflects the direction in which they were gliding.


Perhaps this would have been a better image if I had framed it a little differently and left more space on the left hand side of the frame – leaving more space for the swans to’move into.’

What have I learned from this exercise? This has made me think more about the actual relationship between points in a photgraph (rather than just think that they are there and look good) as well as the inferred lines that join them.

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