Mary Webb – Journeys in Colour

I visited this exhibition of works by the artist Mary Webb when it was on at the Sainsbury Centre. Journeys in Colour.

Her work is described in the catalogue as “abstract and striking, the designs composed of squares and rectangles using a bold palette of colours. Colour is evenly applied within each section and the shape of her work is always square. Webb has the sensibility of a landscapist, much of her work produced as reflections on her travels”.

A lot of her work is experimenting with colour, I particularly liked her Spring Colour Study, 1991.

The Spring Colour Series came from generating ideas in her studio  and setting the question ‘What Would Happen If….?’ She explains that the “choice of colour was an attempt to find a red red, a blue blue etc” and that the black lines around the shapes were “the result of curiosity about what would happen if I put them there”.

All in all a very rewarding visit and to see how an artist uses colour was useful to me as I was studying the colour module of my course at the time. I particularly like the quote above about posing the question ‘what would happen if?’ – perhaps I could do more of that.

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