Zarina Bhimji–Whitechapel Gallery

I joined the OCA study visit to this exhibition.

Zarina Bhimji is best known for her film work – her first ‘Out of Blue’ was shot in colour on 16mm film stock and was showing at the gallery. Also showing was her latest film ‘Yellow Patch’. I sat through both films (probably the first time I have done that!) and found them very moving.

I was particularly taken by some of the photographs which were on display, many of which were taken in preparation for her making the films.

I really liked the photograph taken in the derelict airport, the first photo in the series in the following link, it was called Bapa Closed His Heart, It Was Over (2001-06), to me it summed up a whole host of feelings – departure, loss, memory and the transient nature of life.

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