Exercise; Diagonals

The requirement for this exercise is to take 4 photographs which use diagonals strongly.

The first example is of shadows cast by some railings, the railings could have been photographed as an example of vertical lines, but the shadows cast some strong diagonals.

 The next example is from a paved courtyard, looking down directly on to the flagstones again gave strong diagonals.

The third example is from the British Museum where the roof structure gives a striking image of diagonals.

 The final example is my favourite and is of part of a large outdoor sculpture photographed against the sky. The edge of the shape gives the strong diagonals and I think that this is emphasised by the blue/red colour contrast.

What have I learned from this exercise? I was quite surprised by how frequently I saw the opportunity to tkae photographs of diagonal lines. These photos seem to me to have more of a sense of movement in them than those with horizontal  or vertical lines.

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