Exercise; Curves

This exercise involved looking out for and taking four photographs using curves to emphasise movement and direction.

The first image was taken at the riverside of the top of a set of steps leading down to a mooring berth. It was the curved top to the steps that first attracted me to the photo and I like the way that the ripples on the waters surface are contained within the curved frame. I think the attention is drawn first to the curves but that their shape then draws you back dow into the rest of the picture.

 The second photo was taken further downstream. Here the curved lines of the bridge (and its reflection in the water) draw the attention to the centre of the picture.

In the third photo the curves of the rose petal draw the eye to the centre of the flower.

 The final image is of a window in a cathedral. I noticed this image and the way my attention was drawn to the circular lights that are visible through the circular centre pane of a circular window. The effect of this is to condense the attention to the very centre of the image.

What have I learnt from this exercise? I have learned to look out more for curved lines in a scene and how to use them.

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