Exercise; Cloudy weather and rain

There are three parts to this exercise. The first part is to take photos of the same subject in direct sunlight and under cloudy conditions. In each of the pairs below the photo taken in sunny conditions comes first.



The first image was f6.3 at 1/125 sec whereas the second image was f5.3 at 1/125sec. I think the second photo may be a bit under exposed which could account for there not being a great difference.


Here the first photo is f16 at 1/125sec whereas under cloud it was f5.6 at 1/125 – a much bigger difference. I think that the sun was stronger for this shot.


The first photo is f13 at 1/125sec whereas the send is f7.1 at 1/125sec – quite a difference, although not as large as the second set of images.

The foliage on the cloudy shots is a little bluer.

For the second part of this exercise I took three photos on a cloudy day that show detail with pronounced relief and

an object with a strong colour.















The third part of the assignment requires photos taken in the rain.



What have I learned from this exercise? Undertaking this exercise has made me realise how different colours can be in different lighting conditions (especially the first exercise when the white balance was kept at direct sunlight).

In the second exercise the red of the flower seems particularly vibrant in the cloudy light.

Finally the rain exercise was interesting. The second two images I came across as I was walking around in London. The first I had to think a bit more about – it is the indicator flashing on my car on a rainy day. Perhaps I have learnt to look out more for possible images on a rainy day.

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