Choice of topic–final thoughts on images to create

  1. Cover photo – Still life showing all the things important to life, but also sense of time passing and of mortality. To include medicines, disabled pass, fruit, clock/calendar. On natural wooden background with strong sidelight to suggest setting sun
  2. Morning 1st thing – Want a bleak, simple shot that shows how even the most basic of human functions can be difficult and need assistance. No distraction, a straightforward photo of the WC and chair – perhaps using flash as it is indoors or available light. Maybe flash will be best to give the most ‘clinical’ feel to the image.
  3. Breakfast – to emphasise the importance of medicines. A plateful of pills with toast, butter, jam, coffee, etc., out of focus in the background. Studio lighting or available light.
  4. Morning Read – to show what is important to people – the newspaper, but with references to medicines and dementia interspersed or newspaper articles on dementia, old age, disability – claim forms for benefits, medicine information sheets together with aids – spectacles and magnifying glass. Available light.
  5. Lunch – To show difficulty eating. Meals on wheels discontinued – ready meal no a plate – to emphasise the difficulty/bleakness. Show tinfoil meal on plate – if possible with newspaper article about meals on wheels cuts just out of focus behind. Carton/sleeve of meal just out of focus also. Medicine container next to plate. Special knife and fork if available.. Diffused studio light.
  6. Afternoon stroll – the things needed to get about the house – photo of walking stick or walking frame but close up of hand on the stick. Natural light indoors or out
  7. Cake or biscuit – surrounded by family photos showing importance of support. get well or other cards. Or spoonful of medicines as seen on Taking the Medicine library book..
  8. TV time – arm holding remote – TV beyond – how even things we all take for granted are essential to everyday life for some – other aids in room e.g. walking stick or frame but TV in frame but out of focus. Use flash.
  9. Bed time – stairlift – long exposure to show stairlift going up but blurred due to time exposure – available light? rear curtain flash?
  10. the people – one person on invalid scooter in front of house. Twilight but with flash used to highlight person and leave background a bit darker.

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