Exercise; Symbols

The idea of this exercise is to find symbols for a number of concepts.



Possible symbols: Plant growing, Measuring chart or ruler

One of the photos I took for the elements of design course would perhaps be suitable as a symbol for growth


The height chart used for measuring children could be used in a photo to signify growth, particularly if it has been marked to show increases in height.



Possible symbols; An overflowing glass, a plate piled high with fatty foods

A photo of the plate piled high with fatty foods could be used in an obesity prevention poster!



Possible symbols; Handcuffs, broken glass

The handcuffs could be used in a still life photo to indicate criminality. The broken glass could be from a house or car window to indicate that there has been a break-in.



Possible symbols; Finger placed against lips, a pin dropping

A photograph of a pin dropping could be used to signify silence (as in it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop).



Possible symbols; empty purse with a few pennies in front, a bank statement all in red ink

The photograph of the empty purse could signify poverty, particularly if a few odd pennies were scattered in front of it as if they had just been shaken out.


What have I learned from this exercise? It is very interesting to think how you can express abstract concepts, this is good practice for the assignment in this part of the course.

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