Exercise; Rain

I had to imagine a magazine cover on none subject – rain. I had to produce a single, strong, attractive photo on the subject.

There has been plenty of opportunity to photograph rain these last few months! I considered all sorts of ways of photographing rain (one of my favourite photos of rain was the winner in a competition run by the bank First Direct – http://discover.firstdirect.com/competition/ ).

I took my camera out with me on dog walks in the rain as well as thinking of more abstract concepts or setting up a scene with a hose and sprinkler.

My favourite image was taken on a wet dog walk on Christmas Day.


I was struck by the complementary colour combination of the yellow lines and purple bottle and the arrangement of leaves on the grating.

What have I learnt from this exercise? There has been no shortage of rain these last few months, but thinking up ways to portray it is not all that easy. I think the message from this photo is to take a camera everywhere as you never know what might crop up!

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