Exercise; Juxtaposition

For this exercise I needed to take a photograph that could be used as a book cover and which illustrates juxtaposition.

I started by thinking of as many book titles as I could and how I could use juxtaposition to illustrate it.

I settled on A Christmas Carol and as the Christmas decorations were just being put away I thought I could use one of them.

One of our glass candle holders has a painted winter scene on it so I placed this on top of the music for Good King Wenceslas. I tried different framing and also experimented with rear curtain flash on very low power. The flash gave better illumination to the sheet music, but I think that the best image is from the candle light alone.

I added the book title in photoshop.


What have I learned from this exercise? I found that by the time i did this exercise I was hardly thinking of the technicalities of the photo, they seemed to come by instinct. I spent far more time thinking of book titles and how to illustrate them – it was also great fun!

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