Exercise; Shutter speeds

This exercise was to make a series of photographs of a moving subject using different shutter speeds.

For the moving objects I chose to set up my camera above a busy dual carriageway. The camera was mounted on a tripod.

At the fastest shutter speed (1/1000sec) all movement was frozen as shown below

With photos taken at higher shutter speeds the movement continued to be frozen until about 1/80sec when fast moving cars started to bea little blurred, although slower moving vehicles were still sharp at this and slightly lower shutter speeds.

By 1/50 sec then even slower moving vehicles were beginning to blur as with the lorry below

At 1/6 sec then all vehicles are very blurred as shown here

With  a shutter speed of 1/2.5sec then a distinctly ghostly effect is created as shown with the blue lorry below

Finally, with a one second exposure then no trace of the vehicle is left, just trails of where they have passed. (This photo required some editing afterwards as the one second shutter speed resulted in over exposure of the shot.)

To me the images taken with the lower shutter speeds are much more interesting than those which simply freeze the subject. Obviously there comes a point (certainly below one second) where, for the images above, then¬† you lose the subject (the vehicles) but from a 1/6 to a 1/2 second exposure gave what I thought were the more interesting results. I now know that, for moving objects, simply freezing the action won’t necessarily give the best results.

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