Exercise: Fitting the Frame to the Subject

This exercise required four photos with the frame fitting the subject.

I decided to try the exercise out at the local zoo and chose a, relatively, stationary subject  Рa vulture. Although it was tethered and could not move out of the frame it did move on its perch and its feathers were ruffled by a slight breeze, so I chose a fast shutter speed, this also meant that a wider aperture was usedand would throw the background out of focus when using the longer setting on the zoom lens.

The photos I took are, from left to right,

  1. First photo, taken normally
  2. Second photo with the subject filling the frame
  3. Third photo; close up with only part of the subject in the frame
  4. Final photo; subject occupying a small part of the frame

There is a considerable difference in the proportions of the photos, with the second and third photos giving a much closer sense of intimacy. However the first and fourth  do give a much clearer indication of the setting.

The second part of the exercise was to experiment with cropping the original images. In the same order as above these are the results.

I think that the cropped versions work better as photographs, although they do mainly seem to involve making the subject fit the frame.

What have I learned from this exercise? I think that previously I would have just considered a single way to frame a photo, a bit like the first photo taken for the exercise. This has made me think more about how to frame an image, and the different possibilities for that.

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