Exercise; Object in different positions in the frame

In this exercise I tookfive photographs where the main image was in different parts of the frame. I completed this exercise while at the local zoo.

I took five different photos as follows

  1. Subject in the centre of the frame
  2. Subject a little way off centre
  3. Subject in the bottom right corner
  4. Subject in top left corner
  5. Subject near left edge of frame


The next part of the exercise is to put the photos in order of preference, which for me would be

I think the first photograph works best because somehow the llama stands out more and more comfortably than in the other photos, I think the fact that there is space in front of it probably helps. I don’t like the final two photos where the animal is against the left hand edge of the frame, it seems very unnatural.

What have I learned from this exercise? The main learning point for me is that placing the subject in dead centre of the frame (as I would probably have done previously) is not usually the best course. I will definitely be trying different positions in the frameĀ  in the furure.

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