Exercise; A sequence of composition

For this exercise I went to Covent Garden in London as I thought there would be plenty of opportunities. One problem though was that there was very little light, especially in the covered parts as it was a very grey, wintry day. I wandered around the area and had a few false starts in trying to get the sequence and the final shot that I wanted. All the photos for this exercise are on my Flickr account (see link in the left hand column).

The final sequence was taken inside the hall where an ‘entertainer’ was just coming to the end of his routine and then waiting for the money to come! The light was ver low so I increased the ISO rating on the camera to 1000 and leant on some railings as I knew it would still be a low shutter speed.

The first shot was of the entertainer at the end of his routine;

I tried the next shot as he wasn’t looking in the direction of the camera;

This was a little better, but I thought that the people coming down the stairs behind were something of a distraction. He then moved on to collecting his money, for which he had a novel routine;

Fortunately in getting his collecting box he had moved to his right and I could frame the shot without the distraction of the stairs. The photographs were getting better, but then people started to give their money.

This turned out to be the best shot of the sequence. Unfortunately he had moved forward a bit and this meant that the edge of the staircase is showing in the background. Finally I tried one more shot;

This shot didn’t work as well as the children are walking towards the entertainer rather than giving the money.

What did I learn from this exercise? I found this exercise very difficult with many false starts, not helped by poor lighting inside the halls. I think I need a lot more practice taking photographs of people in public.

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