Exercise; Focal lengths and different viewpoints

The requirements for this exercise were to change the focal length of the lens used, but also to change position so that the image remains a similar size.

Starting with my 55-200mmzoom lens at 98mm (147mm equivalent) this was the farthest away I could get from the subject and still be able to walk towards it in a straight line.

I then moved forward and changed to my18-55mm zoom set at 55mm (82mm equivalent)

Finally I set the zoom to 18mm (27mm equivalent) and walked forward again to take the following photo.

I think it is interesting to study the different effects that the focal length settings cause.

At the long zoom setting the scene seems compressed, you get a sense that the cathedral is not that far away and you don’t realisethe length of the intervening buildings, they look quite small.

By contrast the photo taken with the zoom at its widest setting seems to make the building feel as if it is far away, the space in front of the building gived it a sense of distance.

What have I learned from this exercise? I had never studied the effect of changing focal lengths and viewpoints before. I now realise the different feeling you can get by using the different approach.

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