Exercise; Positioning the horizon

The photographs for this exercise were taken in late afternoon on a winters day. I took some photos when I first arrived at the scene but later the lights were switched on to illuminate the building. This made it look a much more interesting view. In order to be able to capture the scene I had to increase the ISO rating to 3200. All photos were taken with an 18-55mm zoom.

For me the images that work best in this series are where the horizon is higher in the frame. Including a lot of sky in the first couple of images makes the buildings seem smaller, whereas the mass of water to the front of the buildings in the later images leads into the scene. My favourite image of the six is the fourth one where the water/building line is just above the centre of the frame. I think this conveys the setting of the buildingand gives thebest impression of scale – too close to the top of the frame and the building seems cramped.

What have I learned from this exercise? After this exercise I think I will now have learned to think more about placement of the horizon when composing a photo. Obviously the exact placement will change depending on the subject, but I will now be much more aware of the options and no longer immediately place the horizon in the centre of the picture as I would previously have done.

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